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Surrogacy is a form of assisted reproductive technology where a woman offers to carry a baby through pregnancy on behalf of a female partner who is not able to carry the child and deliver it or couple and then return the baby to the intended parent once it is born. It is a highly complex process, and there are many important steps to ensure that both parties make the best decision which includes extensive counselling, psychiatric assessment and independent legal advice. The best surrogacy centres in delhi have surrogacy programs that can support the couple throughout their journey. In surrogacy, an embryo is created using an egg and sperm produced by the intending parent and is transferred into the surrogate’s uterus. The surrogate has no genetic link to the child. Her eggs cannot be used to conceive the child.

A person is eligible to become a surrogate if as a woman she is unlikely to become pregnant, be able to carry a pregnancy or give birth due to a medical condition, as a couple, multiple transfers of a genetically normal embryo have been unsuccessful, or the intending parent is a single male or in a same sex male relationship. To reduce the risks of surrogacy to both the intending parents and the proposed surrogate,surrogacy centres in delhi and ncr have a number of conditions that have to be fulfilled before offering the treatment.

The surrogate must satisfy all of the following requirements she must be older than 25, and younger than the age of natural menopause say like 52 years of age. This may be increased slightly to 55 in the unique situation of a gestational surrogate who is the mother or mother-in-law of the intended parent, she must have already given birth to a child of her own, have no history of pregnancy-related illnesses or complications, have an established relationship with the intending parents for a period of no less than 2 years by the time of embryo transfer. The surrogate must not use her own eggs although a third party donor is permissible

As an intending parent, you must find your own surrogate. It is illegal to advertise for someone to act as a surrogate, and you cannot pay someone to act as your surrogate. It is also illegal for a woman to advertise that she is willing to act as a surrogate mother. The intending couple or an individual and surrogate attend a consultation with best surrogacy centres in delhi fertility specialists. The surrogate and the intending couple may need to have an independent obstetric and psychiatric assessment.

Delhi Based Clinic Providing Best ICSI Treatment

ICSI means intra cytoplasmic sperm injection is a highly sophisticated technique and revolution in the field of male infertility. It is a boon for couples with sperm problems and until now millions of babies have been born through this treatment, giving hope to countless men and women with male factor infertility. Intra cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is a specialised form of In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) that is used for the treatment of severe cases of male-factor infertility. ICSI involves the injection of a single sperm directly into a mature egg. There are many ICSI treatment centers in India out of which are the Best ICSI Treatment in Delhi.

At ICSI Treatment in Delhi they use a medium during sperm selection. This medium binds the sperm that are more likely to have normal DNA, and thus allows selection of these bound sperm for injection. By selecting the sperm that are bound and using them for ICSI, the embryologists are preferentially using the better-quality, more mature sperm. ISCI means picking a single sperm and directly injecting it in to the egg through micro manipulative techniques using very high resolution microscopes. The embryologists are one of the best to perform ICSI in India and they boast of very high success rate in ICSI .

The Best ICSI Treatment in Delhi are one of the best IVF centres to provide ICSI treatment in Delhi. ICSI is indicated when sperm count is low, sperm motility is poor, there are defects in sperm structure, sperms are zero in semen and have to be retrieved from testis through aspiration or minor surgery. In cases where previously vasectomy has been done for male contraception and also in cases where infertility is unexplained, where there is history of total fertilization failure in previous IVF cycle and at times when the egg number is low. In cases where PGS or PGD is indicated in cases when frozen oocytes are being utilized. ICSI is a very effective method to fertilize eggs in the IVF lab after they have been aspirated from the female. Its main use is for significant male infertility cases

The ICSI Treatment in Delhi, these centres along with IVF and ICSI involves the use of specialized micromanipulation tools and equipment and inverted microscopes that enable embryologists to select and pick up individual sperm in a specially designed ICSI needle. The needle is carefully advanced through the outer shell of the egg and the egg membrane and the sperm is injected into the inner part of the egg. This usually results in normal fertilization in about 75-85% of eggs injected with sperm. However, first the woman must be stimulated with medications and have an egg retrieval procedure so we can obtain several eggs for in vitro fertilization and ICSI.

Understanding Autism Research and Treatments

Over the years, the medical community has focused a lot of attention on autism, struggling to understand what causes this neurological disorder and striving to find the best methods of help and treatment for diagnosed patients. While there are still many aspects of autism that remain misunderstood, with more research comes more information, ultimately allowing people studying autism to paint a clearer picture of the disorder. Autism research and treatment in Salt Lake City are constantly changing and improving, helping medical professionals in the community better understand those affected.

What Is Autism?

Autism spectrum disorder is a term used to describe a person exhibiting a brain disorder than often leads to the inability to behave correctly in social situations, trouble communicating effectively, and sometimes even the inability to speak. Oftentimes, children and adults diagnosed with autism will exhibit certain behaviors that have been linked to the disorder, the most common being the inability to make eye contact and awkward hand movements. While there are differences that set a person with autism apart from their non-autistic peers, with the right treatment and therapy, many of these children can grow up to be capable adults who function just fine in society.

Autism Research

An infinite amount of research has been done on autism, especially in recent years as more children are given this diagnosis. Perhaps the best information is gathered in environments where psychologists and therapists are able to work one-on-one with these unique children, or observe their learning and interactions within an educational environment.

Treatments and Therapies for Autism

While there is no cure for autism, with specialized treatments and therapies, children with autism are able to overcome some of the major obstacles this disorder places in their way, and really begin to thrive. The best results, perhaps, come when a medical professional is able to observe a child with autism interacting in their own environment. Rather than trying to “cure” these children of the behaviors they exhibit that make them intrinsically autistic, it is important to determine what is causing these behaviors. When the root of the behavior is discovered, it can often lead to a better understanding of the child and give clues of how to better help them in the future.

While so much research has been done to understand autism, there is still very little known. As autism research and treatment in Salt Lake City continue to progress and more answers are found, the medical community and society alike will be able to better help and understand these unique, amazing individuals.

Relieve The Aching Agony With A Prominent Solution Of Pain-O-Soma

During the commotion sometimes knowingly and mostly unknowingly, bones, joints, muscles ligaments, tendons, or nerves are damaged because of jerking movement, car accidents, dislocations, fractures, and sprains. Musculoskeletal pain is the most common one that almost every individual faces at some or other point of life. Aches are sometimes localized or can be widespread. Thus, you have to consider first the type of ache and its location to have better treatment and take medical help to conclude your agony.

Pain-O-Soma medication is a pain relief remedy for moderate to severe pain intensity for injuries and other musculoskeletal pain conditions. Pain-O-Soma is an eminent brand for Generic Carisoprodol, which will further be converted into Meprobamate, an active metabolite possessing anxiolytic and sedative properties. Pain-O-Soma drug is a muscle relaxant medication that inhibits the passage of pain signals between the nerves and the brain for the treatment of muscle pain, back pain, and other minor aches of the body.


Relieve your muscle agony with an astounding drug of muscle relaxant category by placing anorder of Pain-O-Soma 350mg, 500mg online at a very affordable rate from our constant online drug portal.

Pain-O-Soma dose of 350mg is considered to be taken orally with water for 3-4 times per day and 500mg dose for 2-3 times in a day. The dose that an adult patient can use for the relief of pain should not go beyond the maximum value of 1400mg in a day. For geriatric patients, the usual dose can be taken half of the adult patient’s dose. However, no one is intended to take Pain-O-Soma, if he or she has oversensitivity towards Carisoprodol, Meprobamate or any other constituent of Pain-O-Soma medication. Duration for Pain-O-Soma therapy is commonly advised for 2-3 weeks. Use of the drug more than that can cause dependence and sudden withdrawal of the drug after continuous use can lead to withdrawal symptoms of nausea, agitation, sleeping problem, convulsions, and stomach pain. Thus, it is required to reduce the dose slowly before the total stoppage. Use of Pain-O-Soma oral formulation can cause few undesirable responses including dizziness, headache, blurred vision, vomiting, or indigestion. Avoid consumption of alcoholic beverages or the drowsiness effect may become aggravate.


Any individual concerning the medical issues of epilepsy, seizure, liver, respiratory, or kidney must not take Pain-O-Soma drug. Pain-O-Soma can cause harm to your embryo during pregnancy and your baby during lactation, so do not take this drug under these conditions. Your thinking abilities and mental abilities may get affected with the use of Pain-O-Soma due to drowsiness effect. Hence, it is better to thwart from the activities that demand consciousness like driving. Use of Pain-O-Soma with any other drug that can affect the brain’s activity is not advisable. Since Pain-O-Soma medication is an FDA approved and the safe drug for pain relief but individuals who are not above than 16 years should not consume it.