California Birth Certificate – Necessary to Have, Not Necessary to Wait

If there is one thing parents feel like they need more of, it is time. Time to sleep, time to finish tasks, time to spend with their children – it all goes so quickly. Until you need it to, of course. The amount of time waiting for important things out of your control can seem grueling and never-ending. This just adds to stress, and everyone knows there is more than enough of that to go around.

So, say you just had a baby – whether it is your first or your fourth, congratulations! Now you need a birth certificate. In America, identification is necessary for just about any major life event or step toward the future. Starting off with enrolling your child in school, you’ll need a birth certificate. While typically straightforward, this can be a lengthy process of simply waiting for the documentation to become official. If you didn’t get one at the time of birth, or if you misplaced it (which happens fairly often – you’re not a bad parent if it does), there are online sources that can help you get a California birth certificate sooner than if gone through the government sources. This can be helpful in most states, really.

Birth certificates are necessary later in life, too. When applying for a social security number (which you should also do for your child early on), signing up for a sport, applying for a work permit, a driver’s license, or a passport, they are going to need their birth certificate. Or maybe you as an adult need one of these things, you’re getting married, or are possibly in some other scenario where you need proof of your birth, and you seem to have misplaced yours. No need to worry! It is possible to apply for copies. Typically that comes with a fee, and often the application for extras needs to be notarized. You may not need to spend this extra time and notary expense, however. That same source that can get you the original in an expedited manner can also get you a few extra birth certificate copies rather quickly.

To get your child’s or a copy of your own birth certificate, you will need some basic information. First off, you’ll need the location and date of birth, gender, and name of the person. You’ll also need the parents’ names, including the mother’s maiden name. Since you can’t order a birth certificate for just anyone, you will need to list your relationship to the person on the certificate. With such simple information, it seems a shame to wait weeks for the end result.

Instead of wasting weeks or months waiting for your child’s California birth certificate, check online for a faster route. Stop wasting your time in government office lines or stressing about when it will arrive, and go spend your time with your flesh-and-blood reason for that small, yet important piece of paper.